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Eun Young Kim, Ph.D.

Originally from Korea, Eun Kim has brought cross-cultural training and coachingEun Y. Kim to clients across the globe. With a BA from Seoul National University and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, Eun has worked in both the U.S. and Asia as a trainer, consultant and executive coach.

As a pioneer in cross-cultural training, she has brought Korean business cultural expertise to clients across the U.S. As an expert in global leadership, change management, and intercultural communication, Eun has designed and conducted cultural change and talent development programs for numerous multinationals and helped more than 30,000 leaders improve their global leadership competencies and influencing skills.

Eun Kim is the author of nine books and guides on business and cross-cultural communication, including A Cross-cultural Reference on Business Practices in a New Korea; Global Intelligence: Seven Pillars for New Global Leaders; The Yin and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox; New Hispanics: The New Image for New Leaders; and a Korean best seller, Image-making. Eun has also coauthored on-line culture learning tools - Cultural Detective USA and Cultural Detective Korea.
As a popular keynote speaker who has presented to audiences as large as 6,500, Eun has appeared in numerous international conferences as well as in major media. Her appearances include:

·   Aramco International Marketing Summit (Saudi Arabia)
·   Chevron Global Leadership & Diversity Conference Keynote (back by popular demand)
·   International Conference for Diplomacy and Intercultural Communication (Malta)
·   C-SPAN TV, Voice of America, etc.
·   The 3rd World Knowledge Forum (Invitation only by Maekyung, Korea)
·   Society for Human Resources Management Global Forum & Diversity Conference
·   Motorola SPS Women/Asian American Joint Leadership Conference
·   The University of Texas at Austin E-MBA Distinguished Guest Speaker
·   National Society of Hispanic MBAs and Hispanic Engineers’ Conferences

Having been one of the first women professionals hired by a Korean conglomerate (Hyundai) after college, she has facilitated numerous individual/group coaching sessions for female leaders.

A sampling of the clients she has served includes Samsung, SK, Hyundai, CISCO, Oracle, IBM, NPD, Citigroup, Aramco, Chevron, Dell, AMD, Qualcomm, SanDisk, Real Networks, Wi-fi Alliance, Verizon and Cisco. Eun serves on the International Board for Texas A&M University and served on the Board of the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce. She was recognized by “Texas Diversity Council” for her contribution to the diversity and inclusion field.

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