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Increased interaction across cultures does not automatically produce cross-cultural harmony. Styles and strategies that work at home can generate quite the opposite effect overseas. As a consequence, the global marketplace can produce as many challenges as it does opportunities.

Our trainers will prepare you to meet these challenges and maximize your opportunities with essential Insight, Skills and Strategies.

Our programs empower you with knowledge and expertise for bottom-line results. They directly address the issues most important to you, supply deep cultural understanding for long-term success, and help you build productive business relationships.

Trainings are custom-designed to meet your specific needs, but please mouse-over the following general categories for ideas:

Country Orientations

Country Orientations develop savvy businesspeople who boost profits by increasing productive communication, maximizing relationships, strengthening collaboration and effectively motivating their counterparts or employees. Providing a wealth of essential information on the specific country of interest, these trainings are a prerequisite for working effectively with people from any foreign country.

Regional Overviews

Countries of a single region of the world often have some similarities while differing in many specific customs, attitudes, and practices. Regional Overviews provide a road map to the differences and similarities of business practices and styles for several countries in one area, and develop skills for working adeptly in or with a number of countries in a region.

International Excellence®

International Excellence® is a dynamic two-day training designed for anyone whose job requires interacting effectively with people from other cultures. By providing six core skills, it equips participants with the essential know-how for crossing intercultural barriers and achieving international success.

Global Leadership

Global Leadership focuses on developing executives and emerging leaders charged with guiding the corporation to global success. It explores how to build high performing international teams, lead virtual groups and leverage the rich knowledge global diversity provides. Global Leadership is also a popular and timely topic for a keynote address.

Relocation Training

Early return from overseas assignments is one of the most costly issues for multinational companies. The primary cause of this expensive problem is insufficient pre-departure training for both the employees and their families. Relocation Trainings address the specific needs of employees and their families who will be moving overseas.

Working for a Foreign Company

Designed for employees of a company with headquarters overseas, subsidiary training empowers employees by providing insight into the parent company's culture. Participants learn how to build and make use of essential relationships, work through issues, and influence decisions. It builds cross-cultural communication competencies, creates more productive teams and increases employees' ability to make a more significant contribution.

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Rowland & Associates is a premier cross-cultural consulting firm, providing essential international business skills since 1985. Our passion is bringing intercultural business success through heightened insight and agility. We believe that bold steps with exceptional preparation can create dynamic solutions.


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Globalization has made cross-border business deals more common than ever. But, every day, deals are jeopardized or lost when foreign associates are offended by Americans unaware of other countries' customs, culture or manner. while traveling, meeting a foreigner here or communicating on the...



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