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Japanese Business Communication: Lost in Translation?


Diana K. Rowland

If you work with Japanese, good communication is the cornerstone of your success. What do their words really mean? What subtle nonverbal message did you miss? How can you ensure your message produces good results? What's the best way to write an email, an apology, or get the information you need? Japanese Business Communication: Lost in Translation guides you through all of these and more. From the author of the international best seller, Japanese Business Etiquette: A Practical Guide to Success with the Japanese, Diana Rowland brings you the lessons gleaned from her 45 years of experience with the Japanese, as well as those shared by participants in thousands of training programs. The result is a rich, thorough book of seriously important information, delivered in a practical, accessible, concise, but playful.

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Rowland & Associates is a premier cross-cultural consulting firm, providing essential international business skills since 1985. Our passion is bringing intercultural business success through heightened insight and agility. We believe that bold steps with exceptional preparation can create dynamic solutions.


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Globalization has made cross-border business deals more common than ever. But, every day, deals are jeopardized or lost when foreign associates are offended by Americans unaware of other countries' customs, culture or manner. while traveling, meeting a foreigner here or communicating on the...



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