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Rice Field Art 2015

Rice Field Art Gets Better each Year.

It's rice harvesting season in Japan, and with the harvest will go some magnificent murals.

Using different colored rice plants as their medium, and their fields as their canvas, the people of Inakadate in Northern Japan, a town of just 8,000, work together to create spectacular scenes. For 23 years they have created these masterpieces from rice plants with different leaf coloring, designing meticulously and planting with precision.

This 2015's themes are Star Wars and Gone with the wind.


It kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it?

GoneWithThe Wind

Previous years have featured scenes such as Mt. Fuji, the Mona Lisa, Two Bodhisattvas and Ten Great Disciples of Shakamuni Buddha" and "Queen Mountain God, Ebisu--a Japanese God of Fortune, Sengoku Military commanders, Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe, Geisha and Ultraman.

For more information on this unique Japanese art, see our previous article: Rice Field Art.

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