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Why May 10th is NOT a Typical Business Day in Mexico


"Dia de las Madres," Mother's Day in Mexico, is the 10th of May, and regardless of the day of the week on which it falls, it is always celebrated on that date - not moved to a Sunday unless it happens to fall on one. Although not an official holiday, it is a widely celebrated and extremely special day.

It is basically impossible to conduct any serious business and in reality you should not be trying to on that day. Everyone's focus is on Mothers, organizing a celebration like none before, such as arranging for singing "Mariachis" to usher in a perfect mood at the break of day, buying that extra special gift, contacting family members for last minute coordination of the event, and doing a hundred things that need to be done to make the day a memorable one for the honored Mother.

Mothers are honored with a poem, a rose, a song, a hug, or a kiss. Their young child's school may pay tribute to them with a long-rehearsed performance followed by a special Mothers' social event. They are often taken to an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience or to a traditional meal prepared and served at a family member's home in the presence of many extended family members and adored grandchildren. The day is also celebrated with a mass at the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, where an orchestra plays ˜las mañanitas" of the Virgin.

Female factory workers are often given a present by the company and honored for their current or future role, and treated to a cake with mariachi accompaniment. Mothers may be brought to the office for a tour of where their offspring works. You can wisely use the opportunity to demonstrate respect, understanding, and consideration by offering your help in whatever way you can. Lend your support so your counterpart or workers can perform their customary ritual obligations of reuniting as a family, paying their respects with an out-flowing of gratitude. It is a genuine tribute to the effort, sacrifice, dedication, and eternal motherly affection of the cherished "Madre" who is the heart of the "La Familia Mexicana."


by Diana Rowland, author Japanese Business: Rules of Engagement

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