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2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

Year of the Monkey Chinese zodiac

According to the Chinese zodiac, on February 8, 2016 we entered the Year of the Monkey.

The Year of the Monkey is characterized by universal success -- even in impossible ventures --

as well as abundant inventions and improvisations.

The Monkey's quick-witted intelligence, unshakable optimism, energy and ability to master anything,

particularly the unexpected, spark a wild gambling tendency.

This may be demonstrated in untamed indulgence in speculation and grasping for risky but ingenious options.

People involved in politics, diplomacy, finance and business may engage in a poker game out-bluff-the-other style,

potentially reaping huge dividends.

In a year of much transformation, predictability and conventionality may be disregarded, possibly leading to riots,

revolutions and overthrowing of rulers.

Clever manipulations, bluffs, deceptions and other monkey business may bring about changes in swinging succession

in the global marketplace, as the rules of the jungle get shaken up in some serious monkey-play.

In this almost playtime atmosphere, devious negotiation can result in an abundance of deals that include

seemingly harmless extras surreptitiously slipped in.

Be forewarned - do the math carefully to avoid surprises in the final results.

This is definitely not a year for the faint-hearted or slow witted.

People born in the year of the Monkey (1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

are said to be intelligent, confident, and inventive,

with an ability to improvise, motivate and solve intricate problems with a charmingly intellectual style.

Well-rehearsed politeness, proper demeanor, calm dignity

and a good aptitude for verbal gymnastics can camouflage a capacity for deceit.

Monkey People can be so self-assured in their own abilities, that reprimands or accusations go unheeded,

considering them baseless, even funny.

Monkey Year people readily devise justifications for their actions.

Although some are egotistical, vain, and competitive,

their exceptional ability to pinpoint workable remedies for specific problems is an asset to any team.

Known to excel as strategists, and for being adept at manipulating industry, politics and trade,

their preference is to remain as independent actors within the structure.

Business should skyrocket under this optimistic and shrewd influence, leaving us amazed,

but at the same time confounded, at the erratic resourcefulness and ingenuity of decisions made

with the cunning practicality of the primate.

Best Wishes for a healthy and swingingly successful MONKEY Year!

by Diana Rowland

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