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The Proliferation of Middle-Aged Male Virgins in Japan

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Virginity is on the rise in Japan! 25% of Japanese men in their 30's are still virgins. Even a slang term has been coined for guys who haven't yet "done it:" yaramiso. This, of course, has given rise to many new services: classes on how to develop an emotional relationship, sex education for men, nude drawing classes, and, of course, the standard match-making services.

Some people attribute the phenomenon to decreasing male confidence, as many Japanese men struggle to find steady or well-paying jobs. But others point to the lack of opportunity for social interaction. Many men and women still live at home into their 30's.

But what about virgin women? Well, there's always the services of the Lost Virgin Café which will provide for "deflowering." There is, of course, a hefty fee and a 2-3 month waiting list...

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