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The Rise of The Solo Wedding

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If you've read this monthâ's featured article, you now know that marriage is on the decline in Japan.  But most girls dream of the day when they can be transformed to Cinderella-for-a-dayby a magnificent gown and all the trapping of an awesome wedding.

Although most Japanese are not "religious" per se, they enjoy the customs of different religions for different occasions, often preferring a Shinto ceremony for births, groundbreakings and so on, a Christian-style wedding, and a Buddhist funeral.  Or they may mix them: in a wedding for example, the bride may wear a western wedding gown for the ceremony, a kimono for the reception, and yet another expensive outfit of choice for guests to admire later.  Or, if it is a Shinto wedding, it will be in kimono for the wedding, western white gown for the reception, and at least one additional outfit.

But what to do if you're 35 and single and have no interest in marriage? Should you be deprived of that special day?  

Enter the Japanese Solo Wedding industry. There are companies ready to provide you with everything a girl ever wanted for that special day. The package comes complete with dress-fittings, bouquet and other flower arrangement selections, professional photos – and yes, they will even provide you with a handsome rent-a-groom if you so desire.

What do you think about it ladies and gentlemen?

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