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Valentine's Day in Japan - not what you'd expect

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There are several ways that Valentine's Day is unique in Japan, the first being that on February 14th, only the women give presents, namely chocolate. Men don't give women gifts on Valentine's Day.


Order, Structure, Rules

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How Japan's obsession with these affect you and what you can do...

Brief History of Japan

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Just in case you missed some of Japan's history, here is Bill Wurts to give you a 9 minute humorous rundown.

Asian Underwear Makers Seeing Red

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Red underwear is prominently displayed in stores for the New Year in Asia, and in Japan, most especially this year...

Japanese Hangover Cure

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Now that we're in the season of Japanese bonenkai (forget the last year drinking party) and approaching Western New Year's Eve parties, it might be good to prepare for the day-after.

What's in a Word? A lot if it is an Emoji

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Oxford Dictionaries said the Face with Tears of Joy emoji "best reflected the ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015," and confirmed that statistics indicate it was the most commonly used emoji in the U.K. and U.S. over the past year.

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