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Japanese Whisky Named Best in the World

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Yamazaki whisky sweeps the world of whisky, outranking all the best Scotch…

Japan’s Phallus Festival

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Phallic worship is pretty common in many parts of world, but in Japan

Pay Your Workers NOT to Work Overtime?

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Only in Japan!

There's one way to get workers to limit overtime...

No Market Options in Japan?

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BREAKING NEWS: This week Feb 2, 2017, you can get KitKat sushi! Well, let's call it sushi inspired KitKats. Maguro, for example, is made with double fingers of rasberry KitKats on top of puffed rice held together with white chocolate.

Try one of the 300 other flavors of gourmet KitKats!

Love in Japan

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Saying “I love you” in Japanese isn’t as easy as you might think – and it doesn’t have anything to do with pronunciation…

Frontload to Offset Risk: What Learning to Skydive in Japan Taught me about Japanese Business

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Lessons from a Trouper. Cultural values are reflected throughout societal norms in every country. This means you can find lessons that apply to business in other practices if you delve deeply enough…

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